What is Station 12?
On the surface, the S12 universe equates to the unwelcome, but largely unknown, observance of humanity by a powerful race of beings called Station Masters. They watch us, and judge us, to determine if we are worthy of the next phase of evolution. Scientists at the mysterious Verity Corp have learned of their machinations and race against the clock before these other-dimensional beings determine the ultimate fate of humankind.

But the barrier between realities is more than a magnifying lense on our society. It's also a mirror. As the Station Masters watch us in macrocosm and steer us toward a singular reality of their making, we human beings struggle through our daily lives, trying our best to rectify our personal truths against the sheer momentum and weight of the media and contemporary society.

Station 12 is a threat. But it's also an opportunity. If we choose the better way, the better life, if we remove the shackles of insecurity and doubt, we nullify the strength of the Station Masters. We complete their task for them, allowing them to accept us and move on. It's up to us to choose the reality in which we live. Choose wisely, before the Station Masters choose for us.
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Choose your reality...
....before the Station Masters choose for you.
S t a t i o n 12:
The Lantern Society
The debut novel of d.l.noyes