November 19, 2016

Finally! (And no one means that more than me, I promise you...) Finally, there is news to report on the Station 12 project. Options to buy "Station 12: The Lantern Society" have been removed from, the Station 12 website, and Facebook. It is no longer for sale. For those of you who purchased the title, I thank you once again. If we're lucky, you'll have yourself a collector's item some day. Or a cool coaster?

The reason for this odd milestone is that today marks the completion of the revised edition of the novel. It only took the few months I planned on, plus an extra year I hadn't. But all is well and we press on.

The next phase of this little project is to send the revised manuscript back to the agents who recommended it be reviewed by a professional editor in the first place. I took them up on their advice, shelled out some cash, and got a 32-page overall assessment for my money. I would say I made some pretty significant changes to the book; gramatically, structurally, esthetically, you name it. And I'd like to think I got a better book for my effort. The best case scenario (I think) is that the agent decides to take me on as a client and sells the hell out of the story to the various publishing houses.

But the effort doesn't stop there. Oh, no. This time around I will be submitting it straight to some publishing houses myself. I'll draft a query letter and send it off for their consideration. If you've ever heard authors talk about rejection letters, this is where it all begins.

And finally, if all else fails, I will have the revised version printed like the original, only this time more effort will be made to market it like a proper book. That includes the book trailer I meantioned awhile back.

Cross your fingers that something will land and allow me to somehow transition into writing full time. Because at my current rate of production, I'll be an old man before I finish Book Two. Speaking of which, the outline for "Station 12: The Garden Path" is pretty much complete and I've already begun stitching in the detail. But one thing at a time...

February 20, 2016

The information drought is over. Book Marketing International has completed their overview/assessment of my manuscript/novel and passed their results back to me. The news is good! Fifteen pages of very constructive suggestions and tweaks for making "The Lantern Society" a better book, and therefore a more viable project with commercial potential. This times out very well with the completion of my outline for the sequel novel, "The Garden Path." Both will inform the revised version of "The Lantern Society," the creation of which is now a forgone conclusion. So, it looks as though those of us in possession of a first edition will eventually have a collector's edition of sorts (of little monetary value). The big question is, will I be publishing the revised version myself, or will I be represented by an international literary agency with the goal of selling it to a major publishing house? We'll find out soon enough.

In additional good news (for me), all marketing efforts for the current version will cease (before they've really begun...because I hate it so) until we know the fate of this new edition. Let us all pray to our Gods that the book sells and I no longer have to consider such things.

The script outline for the book trailer is complete and tentative arrangements have been made with some actors and crew. The script should be finalized soon. Meanwhile, the more difficult aspect of finding locations will begin anon, in time for a Spring film shoot.

Oh, yeah! I'm likin' this year so far!

January 8, 2016

Happy New Year, one and all!

2015 has come and gone and what a year I had! Well, not really. But I did manage to self-publish my first novel a few months back, so that’s something. Back in August, “Station 12:  The Lantern Society” introduced the Station 12 universe to the general public and I’m happy to say it was met with great fanfare and applause. Well, not really. However, I did sell a few copies despite my nonexistent efforts to market it. God, I hate the business end of things.

But 2016 brings some exciting news!

  • It looks like there’s going to be a second edition of the novel! What?! That’s right. By arrangement of a cash for services deal, editors at Book Marketing International are going to give The Lantern Society a good once-over for the purpose of getting their sister company, Langtons International Agency, interested in picking me up as a client. From there, it’s on to a professional publishing house for wide distribution. That’s the goal, anyway.
  • Scripts are almost complete for two very short films to be produced in the first and second quarters of the year. Movie-making! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! (How do I silence the man in italics?)
  • One is a trailer for the novel. The material is taken directly from the book’s prologue and should be very exciting. Now that’s my kind of marketing! Casting, location hunting, and equipment buying are happening right now!
  • The second film is a short lead-in to another film whose primary purpose would be a crowd-funding pitch. Whatever could that be for? Hmmm. Curious. (Will you shut up?)

Work continues apace on the second novel in the series, “Station 12: The Garden Path.” It’s definitely a bigger story than previously told, wraps up a few character sub-plots, and takes us further out into the reaches of imagination. What exactly is the Book of the Machine?

The new year is starting off with a bang! I hope you’ll join me as the adventure and audience grows. More news soon.

December 2, 2015

The universe of Station 12 is expanding. Effective immediately, the Wiki button above is active and ready for business. Come by anytime and explore! WARNING!! It is strongly recommended that you read Station 12: The Lantern Society before browsing the Station 12 Wiki. It's very possible there could be spoilers.

At this point in time, there are only a handful of entries, and those are incomplete. Such is the nature of a wiki. But the framework is all in place and there will be daily (I said daily!) entries and edits of the people, places, things, and themes of the introductory novel. And once you're through reading the book, come on over and register and add your two cents to the growing library of the Station 12 universe.

October 10, 2015

Welcome to version 2.0 of the Station 12 website. We're very excited to present our gateway to all things pertaining to the Station 12 universe. From here you can familiarize yourself with the books and movies (coming soon) that tell the tales of the Station Masters, the Tapestry Rail System, Verity Corp, and the people who have made it their sole purpose in life to save the world from a constantly shifting reality and ultimately save themselves from the stumbling blocks they have created.

This website was constructed using the Quick 'n Easy Web Builder. It's a great tool if you possess design skills but lack the time and/or talent to write code or learn a more complex program.

Some fun things will be happening at this site. In addition to any news on current and upcoming books and video, the author's blog will be heading over here. Infinite Noyes is but one possible roadmap to creating a giant entertainment franchise and is designed to share with other like-minded individuals the different ways of going about such a thing. Or it's just fun reading for people who are on the outside looking in. Or it's just a grand experiment coming from a deluded mind. Fun!!

As the universe continues to expand, the last three links in the navigation bar will become active. The Timeline will tell our story chronologically, piecing together the origins and ongoing events with clarity and showcasing the scope of the tale. The Wiki will highlight all the strange places and things, characters and events, and everything that makes the Station 12 universe unique.

Stick around! There will be some changes in the very near future! Perhaps a character breakdown from The Lantern Society? Yeah, that sounds about right.
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